Englishionary You go to a berth.
You need an interview to get in.
A berth is a job.


Englishionary I give you a thousand dollars. You aggrandize it and give it back to me.
What have you done?
...Added more money to it.
Aggrandize means to make bigger.



Snow. Snow, and more snow.
We sit here in a blithe mood...
...but, we don't want to leave. Why?
...Blithe means happy or cheerful!

I aks you if you like plants as we walk to the natatorium.
What kind of exercise will we probably get?
A natatorium is an indoor pool.




My use:
Having a foot bath is an assuagement for sore feet.
Means:Give relief.
Literary:Do you find amusment, to take your cares away, then it is an assuagement, and makes better your day ~ E. Carruthers

Memory trick:
ass . uage . ment
ass reminds of assist
uage sounds like away
assist troubles away
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A cetacean allows me to pet it.
Why are you not afraid for me?
A cetacean is a Dolphin or a whale.
Cetacean means: aquatic mammal with a blowhole.
Pronounced: sah-tay-shun




Convenient. Favorable. Kind. The weather today is propitious. prop.it.ious = proper it to us


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You read a histrionical book.
What kind of book is it?
A dramatic one.
Histrionical means dramatic or spectacular.

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You are mete your meed of a mead.
What did I say?
...You are given your part of a meadow.
Mete means to give or divide.
Meed means a part or a portion.
Mead is a meadow or a field.

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You are in a boat on the bay.
Your eyes widen! A storm looms ahead.
You realize you are in a skiff.
What did you realize?
That you are in a small boat.
A skiff is a small boat.

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I'm so hungry!
I ask you for spahgetti.
You give me spagetti.
But I am still hungry! Why?
Because you did not give me spaghetti.

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